Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time To Leave the Nest

By "nest" I mean the house belonging to my parental units AKA my "roommates" LMAO!

24 and living at home is pretty awesome, don't get me wrong. I mean... 3 hot meals a day, should I choose; laundry service if needed, and the love of a close-knit family. Oh yeah, theres also the whole NO RENT aspect. That's all pretty KEWL but it's the cons that get to me.

The questions, the lack of privacy, the "no giggling after 9pm" rule, the CHORES, the pestering, the sibling squabbling, the judging - OH THE JUDGING!!! The What-Are-You-Doing-With-Your-Life talks that happen much too often.

I love my roommates. Don't get me wrong. They are pretty awesome. Totally sweet and crazy. SOOOOO sooo very crazy. But I just think it's time to go. I lived on my own for a while a few years ago. Then decided to come back home. Given, I was making a lot more money back then. I'm hoping that things will work out. I love spending money. I always have money and don't ever hold back when it comes to indulging in self-spoiling. When I want something, I get it. I work hard and feel like I deserve things. So I guess the only thing I'm not looking forward to is the added rent bill.

I also feel like if I leave this time, my roommates might not be so open to me coming back if need be. I mean, they are getting older now. My bro is 19 and talking about getting out of there, too. So I can see my roommates already dreaming about what to do with our bedrooms. I just think I'm ready to settle down and fly free. Wether it be with my boyfriend or alone I think it will work. Well, it will definitely work better with someone else; I don't think I can afford rent on my own.

Cali is so expensive!!!

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