Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I'm starving today! And it's my own doing. I'm on day 8 of my cleanse and all I keep thinking about is food and how good it is and how I wish I could have some and how I haven't tasted anything but water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper (except for Sunday when I cheated and ate sushi) in WAY TOO LONG!

You get your calories and nutrients from this lemonade concoction that's really not all that bad. Actually quite tasty! But once you go long enough without chewing, life gets kind of difficult. I can't wait until day 10 which is Friday. I will be dining on raw fish and veggies that night :)

So far I've lost 7 pounds. I'm hoping this will be a good foundation for the rest of my weight loss. I still want to get down to 163 for a personal reason. And I'll be happy then. I'm only 16 pounds away. I'll feel a lot better once I get within 10 pounds of that. So I just have to keep on pushing...

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